Who is She? Mallory McLane
Where does She live? Dubai, UAE
Where is She from? New York, the state - not the city, USA
What does She do? Fashion Editor + Content Manager

Where did She study?
  1. Monroe Community College, Rochester NY - A.A.S. 2005-2007
  2. SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY - Pursued a B.A. in Business Marketing 2007-2008
  3. The Art Institute of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC - Fashion Marketing & Management B.A. 2009-2011
Dream job? Creative Director for a magazine or multi-brand luxury boutique.
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On becoming an (Online) Fashion Editor and Content Manager:     


"The future of fashion is online, as bloggers and street style photographers change the game by giving consumers a more relatable way to connect to the industry in real-time. It's not to say that magazines are or will ever be obsolete, however, the industry is shifting to adapt to the times as technology becomes more important in our every day lives. Not only are people on their computers all day at work, their smart phones have essentially become an extension to their arms. Not only that, it's second nature to carry iPads in our handbags and document our lives on Instagram, while we find new ways to decorate our homes on Pinterest, and tell our friends what happened today on Twitter and Facebook. So, naturally, you can see why it's so important that the game changers in the fashion industry shift gears and make their presence known on this little thing we like to call the World Wide Web. Seeing the direction of the future and the importance of the internet, I chose to get in while the door was still open and start learning everything there is to know about how to be successful online in the fashion industry. The tone and voice of a brand must be altered to mimic and exceed that of the bloggers who know how to engage their readers. It's important to create a platform where consumers feel the need to come back regularly to fill their fashion fix with up-to-the-minute (or even second) trend reports hot off of the runway, designer bios and introductions, street style trends and insider news from the industry at the click of the mouse and the touch of a screen. The tempo of working behind the scenes online in the fashion industry is fast, competitive and a thrill to say the least, essentially defining the driving sources of what has drawn me into taking the leap and starting off in this industry professionally as an Online Fashion Editor."