Sunday, May 24, 2015

Note To Self: Renewing Your Artistic License

A lesson in embracing the moment

Thought of the day: When the weekend is looking you square in the face with a feast full of opportunities, don't sit back and wait for the next move - be the one to make it instead.

Find whatever it is that makes your heart beat and go after it, embrace it and make the most of it every chance you get. The longer you wait, the worse you will feel. You will wish you would have done it, and until you get off your @$$ and make a move in the right direction,  you will only have yourself to blame. The best advice I can give to myself and anyone else reading this - is to live in the moment, and keep on doing the things that make you happy, and in turn, you will reap the benefits - in life, in love and in work.

 The decision is up to you... would you rather be a creator or an observer? I know my answer...