Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Lust List: Seventies Style

Three ways to spend the big bucks this week

My wishes are simple: a rail of clothes that never get old (in that I tire of looking at them), and shoes and bags to count for days! The possibilities? Endless. The reality? Far from happening.

Here are the real-life confessions of a shopaholic: A new piece of clothing can make my heart skip a beat, fresh accessories make me feel more put together and shoes and bags just make me walk a wee bit taller. I can’t help it! It’s easy to say I’m sure I am not the only one – I’m almost positive there are plenty of women (and men) who can relate.

Without getting into the thick of it, I’ll stop while I’m ahead and give you a glimpse of the latest on my lust list – there is something about the 70s that just does it for me, and with the styles circulating right now, this shopaholic is going to have a seriously hard time keeping her excitement at bay.

1. Movado Museum, Model 0606613 (this couldn't be closer to my birthday if I tried - 06/13 - it's meant to be)
2. H&M Burgundy Suede Wrap Dress - oozes 2015s top trend and will work throughout the year (except for when worn in Dubai's summer heat) - a classic none the less
3. Saint Laurent Emmanuelle Small Fringe Bucket Bag - Parisian-meets-boho=dream come true
Collage by me; Image credit: © ARS, NY. From Truisms, 1982. Spectacolor electronic sign, 20 x 40 ft; 6.1 x 12.2 m. Times Square, New York, USA.