Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Note to Self: Don't Just Be

"If 2014 was practice, 2015 is the game" - Unknown

Thought of the day: Find your source of inspiration and go after it, creative energy can come from anywhere and anything, but you surely won't find it sitting at home on your couch. 

Unless of course, you're cruising your way through Pinterest and find a charming little quote like the one above. Then, yes, by all means, sit down with a cup of coffee and save every little editorial, quote, destination, fabric, interior, exterior and nature inspired image you can find. Compile it together on a board (virtual or tangible) and place that inspiration perfectly in view so that you can keep going back to that source for the energy you need to create, again and again. 
"The new year means nothing if you're still in love with your comfort zone." - Unknown (Pinterest find)
So, on that note, don't just be - do. And if you're looking for more inspiration like this... head on over to Pinterest and follow my 47 - and growing - boards. I assure you, there's plenty to feast your eyes on and get the creative juices flowing. More goodies: https://www.pinterest.com/mallorymclane/