Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When Words Fail Me

You can find me on Pinterest

There's simply nothing better than sitting down and getting lost - sometimes for hours at a time - in an endless scroll of gorgeous photos, quirky quotes, recipes, travel  inspiration and a plethora of other topics on Pinterest, it's hard not to get hooked.

Both idea-inspiring and time-wasting at once, Pinterest has come to be one of my favourite pastimes. When I say this, I admit to waking up at 6am, and not getting out of bed and standing vertical until I've spent at least a good 30 to 60 minutes pinning the best of the best before any of my friends might get their techy fingers on it. 

Five boards turned to ten, ten turned to twenty, and soon after I knew it I had 47 boards of inspiration for almost every category imaginable.  

If ever there is a time I'm not actively publishing blog posts to So She Wrote, you can bet your bottom dollar you'll find me Pinning upwards of 40 pins per day - you can thank me for this little gem of a confession later (once you've followed me).